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03 June 2009 @ 04:44 pm
Your name/crazy internet handle/whatever: Jia
Personal journal: kokoroverboten
Email: eeferclarinet@yahoo.com
Characters played (if applicable):
The Doctor [Tenth AU]

Character name: Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Genre (TV/books/etc): TV
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Canon point: Season 3.0, Episode 5.

Programmed Possession:

Kara's programmed possession are her two pistols. They have carved wooden grips and are a hybrid projectile-energy weapon. It also has the capability to launch very, very small rocket-propelled bullets.

Abilities/Weaknesses: Starbuck doesn't really have any abilities aside from being stronger than the average woman and more tolerant to alcohol. She's an incredibly gutsy pilot and is very skilled at piloting any ship she lays her hand to. She has a natural aptitude for things that fly. She's reasonably intelligent and can lift a bit of weight. She's moderately skilled in several styles of martial arts. -


Starbuck is noted most for two things. She is incredibly stubborn and has a notoriously foul and sarcastic mouth. While very intelligent, most of the time her disregard for the feelings of others undermines the majority of her relationships with her shipmates. Despite her propensity for insulting people - especially young Viper recruits and the Colonel Tigh - she has a high degree of respect for authority, generally falling into line when it's demanded of her. There have been times where she has gone against direct orders, but only when her own sense of morality conflicts strongly with those of her leaders.

There is something distinctly masculine about her, as most of her partners and copilots are male. She tends to try and show them up on a regular basis.

Even though Starbuck has a terrible temper and a habit of getting into fistfights with the people she disagrees with, she's can be extremely oversensitive. She is bothered by her responsibilities and carries a large amount of guilt for the Viper pilots who have died underneath her command. She is haunted by a long trail of broken relationships with a variety of men.

She has a difficult time managing interpersonal relationships, and has a weakness for alcohol that verges on alcoholism. She also deals with addictions to sex and gambling.


Before the attack against the Colonies by the Cylon Fleet:

Kara Thrace intended to be a professional Pyramid ball player, though her knee gave out. She was raised in an abusive household and was the daughter of a Marine Sergeant Major and a pianist. Her father, the pianist, left the family when she was a child. Her mother, Marine Sergeant Major Socrata Thrace was disappointed with her military career and said she was wasting her talents. On her first assignment, she was disciplined on a regular basis and then reassigned to the Battlestar Triton.

She served for some time as a flight instructor at the Colonial flight school, where she met Admiral Adama's son, Zak Adama. Even though Zak failed basic flight, Kara passed him because she was in love with him. Zak died on his first Viper mission. After his death, Kara met then-Commander Adama, and he placed her under his command as a Lieutenant. Zak's brother, Lee Adama, broke off all contact with his father and Starbuck after Zak died.

After the attack:

In a card game prior to Galactica's decommissioning ceremony, Starbuck responds to Colonel Tigh's mocking of her call sign and her stint in the brig as a cadet by alluding to Tigh's troubled relationship with his wife. Infuriated, he flips the table over, and she punches him in the face. He sends her to the brig, promising that her career is over. However, Adama tells Tigh that he is probably overreacting: while he agrees to leave Kara in the brig until after the ceremony, Adama says there is no need to ruin Kara's career over the incident. Following the Cylons' attack on the Twelve Colonies, Starbuck is released to join the battle.

Starbuck confesses her mistake about Zak to Lee later on during the miniseries. Lee later confronts her about it when she is chosen to train new Viper pilots aboard Galactica after several pilots are killed in a freak accident. Starbuck then washes all the pilots out for relatively minor flaws. She then admits her secret to Commander Adama who is both furious with her and completely heartbroken. He orders her to reinstate the trainees.

Starbuck and the trainees are ambushed by a small group of Raiders. Starbuck engages the Raiders on her own to cover the trainees' escape. With her Viper heavily damaged, she plummets toward the surface of a nearby desert moon, and is forced to eject and take her chances on the surface. Starbuck is declared missing, and Adama orders a search and rescue operation. On the surface of the planet, Starbuck struggles with a broken knee and near asphyxiation as her oxygen runs out. She discovers a downed Raider and is able to pilot it back to the fleet.

Starbuck has a deep-seated faith in the gods. As a result, when President Laura Roslin asks her to carry out a dangerous mission, she returns to Caprica and retrieves the Arrow of Apollo, a religious artifact that supposedly points the way to Earth. Commander Adama declares that Roslin had suborned mutiny; he sends a detachment of Marines to terminate her presidency.

During her time on Caprica, Starbuck encounters Number Six (who beats the pulp out of her); meets up with Karl [Hilo] Agathon and the Sharon [Boomer] Valerii copy pregnant with his child. She also meets a fellow pyramid player named guerrilla agent named Samuel Anders. At one point Starbuck is injured in battle, captured, and wakes up in a Cylon "farm" as part of their experiments to create human/Cylon hybrids. Starbuck eventually escapes and returns to the fleet. She promises to return to rescue the Caprican resistance group. After the fleet leadership denies her request to return to rescue the Caprican resistance fighters, Starbuck is depressed and guilt-stricken: she has broken her word, failed her duty, and assumes Anders is either dead, or will be soon. She recklessly maneuvers to take out Scar, a noted Cylon raider, but at the last moment pulls away and sets up the kill for her wing-man, Louanne "Kat" Katraine. However, this causes Starbuck to lose her status as Top Gun on Galactica.

Canon update: Kara is current to the beginning of S3 and will continue to receive more of her memories as mun watches more of the show.

Arrival Post (Third Person)

She's used to waking up in strange places. She's used to waking up with a headache, but the immediate jolt of being transported from one place to another is a completely new experience. Pale eyes wide and aware as she looks around the arrival room. One hand darts down to where her pistol sits in its holster, drawing it slowly from. Disconcerted, Kara looks about the area, through the clear glass tube of the arrival room to the rest of the area. Though there are no people in the immediate vicinity. "Great..." she mutters, shoving the device in her pocket and rejoining her hands on the pistol. Moving with quick, quiet steps, Kara steps out of the arrival room.

Eyes wide, she stops for a moment, right outside the door, and listens, listening for voice, for anything, actually. The distant sounds of voice drift down the hallway, and Kara immediately darts behind the nearest thing she can find, keeping her breathing light and quiet. She taps the safety on the side of her pistol, chambering around and clenching the pistol grip tightly with both hands.

The first person to approach will be greeted by a pale-eyed blonde woman in what looks to be a flight suit, and the business end of a pistol.

"Get on the floor. Get on the floor, right now! I'm not frakking kidding! Put your hands behind your head and kiss the ground!" she snarls, pistol still drawn, and moves forward a couple of steps. "You're going to tell me where I am, who you are and who took me here. Then, you're going to get me a ship with a FTL drive, and I'm going back home." Kara darts forward another foot or so, gun still firmly trained on whomever's wandered towards her. "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Additional Third Person Sample:

Kara Thrace sits on a park bench, staring off into space. She has her chin propped up on one hand, her hair hanging lank and slightly greasy in her face. There is a slight breeze, and it rifles at her clothing. She's humming something under her breath, just loudly enough so that anyone walking past her could hear what she's singing. She's not all that great at singing, but the tune is recognizably a tune rather than a haphazard series of notes. Tapping her fingers on the side of her face, Kara stands up, shedding her shoes and wandering out into the grass. There is a moment where the sensation of the green undergrowth is downright unfamiliar - after a life filled with cold metal decks and hard bunks, the idea of grass, sunlight, wind, fresh air - they're all nearly foreign concepts. She takes a few more steps across the park, approaching a small fountain and looking down into the water. Kara sits down again, trailing her fingers in the water and looking out at the rest of her surroundings.

"Follow what your mother told you, hold your breath and count to ten..." she sings, warbling a little as she does. "Hold your breath and count to ten..."